Write with tubular extrusionsTubular Neon

"Sensational Nozzles - 5 stars," EFX Art & Design. "Great Add-On," Internet Eye Magazine.

Tubular Neon lets you write or draw with tubular extrusions in real time. It's like writing in 3D. It's ideal for graphics, video or animation professionals because it works in real-time. With nearly 900 "tubes" to choose from, thousands of color patterns are possible including gold, chrome and silver as well as natural and decorative patterns.

We call it "apparent 3D" because you can even choose between shiny, matte or flat surfaces. Some render with textures or wrapping patterns that are stylus sensitive. That means animated text and graphics are as simple as applying a script to a movie. Animated web backgrounds are a breeze. Apply brush strokes on grids and unique optical effects can be created. Here are just a few of the possibilities: Zulu, Divine Emperor, Raja, Spatial Waveform and Zebra.

See for yourself. Try one of the tutorials. We'll supply the nozzles. Tubular Neon $29.95