Trees & Textures

We've posted some newer Tree textures to add autumn colorations, including a sycamore and boxelder.

Most of these tree textures reduced to 750 pixels from larger originals. The two newest textures demonstrate how effectively Jungle DVD & Tree Forestry can paint tree textures like those in our newest Tree Collections.

All of the files have an alpha mask for creating billboards in 3D. The tree textures are the same as those used on our site. Most of the foliage textures are older designs from Jungle 3D created for mapping to 3D terrain models. See the canopy, pheasant run and forest floor examples.

Several tutorials demonstrate how to paint foliage structures like those in Three Gorges or Farshore. The Painting Tree and Painting Texture tutorials offer detailed instructions on painting trees as well as foliage textures for 3D scenes.