Editing Painter Scripts

Here's a brief demonstration of how to edit undos, particularly paint strokes and undos from a resolution script. This is for advanced users, so use it at your own risk.

1) Open the Script's pull down menu from the Script's palette and choose Open Script.

2) Select the desired script and choose Open.

3) The opened script is displayed in the Scripts palette where you can select various items such as stroke and undo.

4) Use "Cut" or "Clear" to remove the selected items.

5) Because every undo is associated with a preceding command, the correct command (stroke) must be deleted along with the undo. That sounds easy enough, at least until you encounter two or three repeated undos preceded by a stroke and undo, as shown at bottom.

When dealing with multiple undos, you have to think carefully about the sequences and preceding strokes involved. If you make a mistake deleting a stroke and undo, there's no "undo." You can't reverse your decision in other words. So, your script will be lost for all practical purposes.

The best approach we've found for dealing with editing, particularly as it applies to multiple undo sequences, is to start your "stroke/undo" editing from the top of the command list. Work your way down. That way, each new undo, or sequence of same, applies directly to the remaining strokes above.

Good luck.

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