Palms Paints for Photoshop

At last, a comprehensive set of Photoshop imaging tools capable
of rendering some of the most common and complex varieties
of palms both quickly and easily.

Palm Paints is a coordinated set of image databases. It offers
ready to composite arrays of realistic frond clusters you simply
assemble using basic mix and match compositing techniques.
They're perfect for illustration & textures in 3D
because they
offer such a unique and original way to
recreate all of the
visual complexity of palms with detailed accuracy.

We created the images with rendering variation in mind. The assorted
frond collections can depict a wide variety of growth patterns, from coconut, date and generic palm trees to decorative ground palms and indoor ornamentals. Seasonal, fruited and windblown variations further enhance artistic control.
Better yet, they're big enough to render at print resolutions, whether as fine art prints or large architectural renders.

The DVD contains nearly 400 different, fully modifiable frond combinations along with 150 pre-painted coconut and date style trunks. We've included the 35 different trunk patterns used to paint the trunks as well, along with an assortment of Photoshop brushes created from the frond images. We even include our Date Palms tree collection.

Like Jungle DVD or Grains & Grasses, Palm Paints takes over where stock images and cloning leave off. See if it isn't the best solution for Photoshop going. Only $49.95.