Jungle 3D Tutorials
Painting Forest Structures-PDF (Painter 5x) Paint forest structures with this new approach to layer painting.
Painting Trees-PDF (Painter 5x) Learn how to paint real looking trees using Painter 5.x
Painting Tree Shadows (Painter 5x) The Painter 5.x companion to painting trees.
Painting QTVR Panoramas (Painter 5x) Paint QTVR movies with Jungle 2D & 3D.
Painting Tiling Textures (Painter 5x) Painting foliage for 3D terrain models.
Painting Real Tree Barks (Painter 3-8) Paint textured tree barks using Jungle 3D Bark brushes. We've even included one.
Building 3D Trees (Painter 3-8) Making 3D trees with Jungle 3D textures.
Layering Nozzle Foliage (Painter 3-8) Build dimensional plants with Jungle 3D.
Terrain Spikes as Conifers (Painter 3-8) Using spiked terrain models & Jungle 3D.
Mapping Grasses (Painter 3-8) A few suggestions for mapping grass textures.
Making Captured Brushes (Painter 3-8) Creating and customizing Captured Brushes in Painter 5-7. We've even included some examples.
Jungle 2D Tutorials
Painting Nature With Nozzles (Painter 4) The original, oft imitated tutorial on painting nature with foliage nozzles. See where it all began.
Tubular Neon Tutorials
Painting Animated Text (Painter 5) How to create animated text graphics.
Animated Buttons (Painter 5) Creating animated web buttons using Tubular Neon.
Q & A
FAQs (Painter, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint) For questions the tutorials dodn't answer?