Now for Photoshop too? - Jungle DVD, Grains & Grasses, Palm Paints, now there's a version of each available for Photoshop too. This redefines stock images and eliminates cutting & cloning.

Tropical Palms Collection - 50 varieties of palms. There's something for everyone, from wind blown coconuts to short, tall and vertical.

Four New Tree Collections - For those who don't have time to paint their own, we've released Assorted Trees II, a Yew Pine collection as well as new Birch and Sycamore collections.

Painting Forest Scenes - Learn how to paint realistic forest scenes using Jungle DVD nozzles, tubes or pipes. It's our most comprehensive tutorial yet. We include everything you'll need.

Winter Trees - Paint winter forests or tree-lines in a single brush stroke. Try the free demonstration tutorial and see for yourself. Check out our new Tree Canopy paints while you're at it.

Jungle DVD - Trees, forests and landscapes have as never been easier. The new Jungle DVD has over 1,000 new paints and includes Jungle 3D and 2D too. Painter, PSP & coming soon for Photoshop.

Grains & Grasses - Nothing compliments a Terragen, Bryce or Mojoworld landscape like framing an image realistic grasses. Here's our answer for getting realistic grains and grasses onto your landscape renders.

Date and coconut palms are one of the toughest trees to paint, but not anymore. Our new Palm Paints make them as easy as pie.

Save up to $70 on Bundle Deals - Jungle Bundle lives, only now you save even more. Find out more here.

Check out our new Painter tutorial on using captured brushes to paint concrete, stucco and architectural surface textures.