Jungle DVD for Photoshop

Jungle DVD revolutionizes layer compositing in Photoshop. It takes over where stock photography leaves off because it eliminates the need for clipping or cloning. That makes for uniquely creative solutions that are faster and easier to produce, whether for print use or in 3D as textures.

Jungle DVD for Photoshop is an extreme makeover of our most popular product for Painter and PSP. Like them, it contains imaging files that let you quickly create scenes of nature, from whole forests to gardens, trees and twigs. You simply mix and merge coordinated arrays of images.

Whether you're an architect, illustrator or photographer, Jungle DVD offers powerful solutions. It's ideal for tree collections or foliage textures for 3D. Need flowers for a layout or retouching? Jungle DVD has 45 plants choose from, with images you can recompose over and over again.

Jungle DVD contains nearly 900 foliage files. Each is a coordinated array of image-layers. In all, there are over 20,000 images to choose from, including tree trunk, limb and branch layers. Better yet, each image becomes an PS brush nib using one Action click. We start you off with nearly 300.

See if Jungle DVD, Grains & Grasses and Palm Paints aren't the best nature solutions anywhere. Try an example or do a tutorial. Only $99.95.