Grains & Grasses for Painter

Grains & Grasses offers a fantastic palette of more than 150 nozzles that paint grains & grasses incredibly fast, even at high resolutions. They're perfect for adding mood and realism to illustrations or when used as textures in 3D visualizations. They're great for fine art prints too.

Like our Palm Paints, Grains & Grasses is ideal for art professionals requiring detailed accuracy with ease of use even at print resolutions. With versions that render up to 2,000 pixels, print formats are a breeze because you're painting detailed print-size representations in real time.

That's not all. Many come in seasonal colorations and are coordinated so you can "mix" your own paints. The touch-up tools extend creative control to even the smallest detail.

See if Grains & Grasses isn't the best solution for painting grains & grass textures anywhere. Only $49.95






Wild Oats



Foxtails Wild Grains
Grasses Touch-up Tools