Grains & Grasses for Photoshop

Grains & Grasses contains a comprehensive set of imaging tools capable of rendering some of the most common and visually complex varieties of grains and grasses. It works within Photoshop using basic mix and match compositing.

With over 1,000 unique image layers to choose from, Grains & Grasses offers a detailed palette that can quickly depict a small clusters or whole fields, and at print resolutions. They're perfect for adding mood and realism to 2D illustrations, as framing for 3D renders or as textures.

Grains & Grasses is ideal for art professionals requiring detailed accuracy, speed and ease of use. The ability to render at 2,000 pixels means large print formats are a breeze. Moreover, the images are coordinated so you can "mix" your own versions to further extend creative options.

See if Grains & Grasses, Jungle DVD and Palm Paints aren't the best nature solutions for Photoshop anywhere. Only $69.95.





Wild Oats




Wild Grains